Tomato sorbet


This sorbet has a distinct tomato flavour that is made more spicy by the onion and red wine vinegar. We have served it added to oysters. The taste from this oyster/sorbet combo is superb. If you're partial to oysters and you have a Thermomix ensure that you do this one. If you do not have a Thermomix or you do not like oysters, we extend our sympathy.

This is another fresh fruit Thermomix sorbet. It is easy to see why sorbets in particular make the Thermomix so popular.


This recipe has been designed for the Thermomix by Joy






2 very large tomatoes, cut into quarters

100ml water

70g sugar

1 small onion

3 tablespoons red wine vinegar

1 teaspoon salt

pinch of cayenne pepper



Chop onion 5 seconds on speed 7.

Add tomatoes and chop 4 seconds on speed 5.

Add water and sugar and cook 13 minutes at 100C on speed 1.

Add vinegar, salt and cayenne. Blend for 30 seconds increasing speed slowly to 8.

Freeze overnight in ice cube trays. Next day before serving blend for 30 seconds on speed 9. If required, add water to facilitate blending.