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Miscellaneous activities in which Joy and her Thermomix have been involved. Click the name of the heading line to go directly to the details of that activity.





Apricots galore (January 2009)

Our apricot tree had a bumper crop in January 2009. In the Thermomix we made Apricot sorbet, TM 31 'Everyday Cooking' Cook Book (2008 edition) p.149. Also in the Thermomix we made Apricot and walnut chutney, Apricot jam and Apricot sauce. We did not need the Thermomix for the Brandied apricots. We stewed some, preserved some, gave away many to the neighbours and of course ate heaps fresh.


Vive la apricot! Vive la Thermomix!





Breakfasts fit for anyone

We have fresh orange juice made in the Thermomix each morning. In addition we have Thermomix produced yoghurt; TM 31 'Everyday Cooking' Cook Book (2008 edition) p.17 (modified recipe).

To her yoghurt, Joy adds fresh fruit, often berries, but any fruit that is in season. A teaspoon of rapadura sugar tops it off.

Barrie has yoghurt over a serve of muesli and sweetens his serve with a few prunes.

We have breakfast after a seaside walk. We love our breakfast. We love our Thermomix. Further, we save money on our great breakfast.





Christmas 2008

Joy prepared 2 traditional (ham and roast turkey) Christmas lunches, one for members of her family (13 adults 2 children) and another 5 days later for Barrie's family (14 adults). Except for ice cream, the same dishes were served on each occasion. The dishes that were prepared using the Thermomix are listed below. Items with an * were made on days prior to the lunches.



Barrie's comment: 'As you might expect the meals were superb. My quality of life has taken a quantum leap forward since the arrival of Joy's (our) Thermomix'.







 - 50/50


TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book (2008 edition) p.24



TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book (2008 edition) p.26



TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book (2008 edition) p.49

   Dukkah was added to

   the hommus before


   The combination was

   drizzled with olive oil

   (see photo below).


TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book   (2008 edition) p.49


 tomato and

 capsicum dip

TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book (2008 edition) p.54

Palate cleanser      








 Mango and

 mint sorbet






  The sorbets were

Recipe from a Thermomix forum sharing recipes, ideas and questions (recipe not reproduced on this web site)

   served together








TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book (2008 edition) p.149

Main course      
 Bread rolls

TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book (2008 edition) p.112




TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book (2008 edition) p.59

   Hollandaise sauce was

   added to the steamed

   asparagus before


   (see photo below).




TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book (2008 edition) p.6



The Australian Women's Weekly Christmas and   Holiday Entertaining Special 2008. p.21

Recipe from "" and made in the Thermomix



Recipe from "" and made in the Thermomix



Recipe from "" and made in the Thermomix

   Redcurrent jelly was 

   one ingredient of the


   (see photo below left).


The Australian Women's Weekly Christmas and   Holiday Entertaining Special 2008. p.21


 Maple walnut

 ice cream*


Recipe from  Blue Ridge Mountain Ice Cream Maker Store and made in the Thermomix

One lunch only


 Vanilla bean

 ice cream*

TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book

(2008 edition) p.150

(modified recipe used)

One lunch only




TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book (2008 edition) p.155

(modified recipe used)


 Latte and


Recipe by Janine Babauskis

 Pistachio and



Recipe from Thermomix cooking class - Christmas 2008


The Australian Women's Weekly Christmas Cook Book 1968. p.4


 and white



Base recipe is supposedly Mrs. Field's cookies. Joy has created her own presentation.
 Mince tarts* This recipe features a great fruit mince.


Clearly the Thermomix was busy all day. It was not used for the Christmas pudding because on each occasion the pudding (and roasted vegetables for the main course) were brought by one of the guests.






Clancie Specialised Services - weekly meeting of the board of trustees

The meeting takes place in our indoor spa pool and usually at evening meal time on Friday. Joy and Barrie are the only trustees and therefore the only attendees at the meeting. Needless to say the meeting arrangements are VERY informal. Quality dining is always on the meeting's agenda. Informality is no bar to quality. Coffee (and sometimes sweets) comes later when the meeting adjourns to the living room.


All dishes are prepared using the Thermomix. Our 'standard' menu is given below. A couple of Thermoservers are handy for this menu. One Thermoserver is half filled with crushed ice ('snow') prepared in the Thermomix. Oysters and the tomato sorbet are placed on top of the ice.  The prawn curry is put in the other Thermoserver.


The Merry Berry cocktail, sometimes known as "Red" Bellinis, will blow you away, even if you have to get yourself into hot water to maximise the pleasure. We don't always have Red Bellinis, sometimes we content ourselves with Le Blanc.

  • Merry Berry cocktail (Red Bellinis)

  • Oysters with tomato sorbet

  • Curried prawns and rice

  • Lemon tart

  • Coffee

Photos that are included in the recipes for particular dishes are not repeated in the table below but links to those photos are provided


 Merry Berry cocktail

 (Red Bellinis)

TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book (2008 edition) p.26 (modified recipe used)


 Oysters with

 tomato sorbet

 Joy's recipe


 Ingredients for the sorbet are given

 in the recipe details

 ...just add oysters...



 Curried prawns

 and rice

Recipe from "" and  converted for the Thermomix

 Lemon tart Recipe from The Age 'Epicure' December 2008 and converted for the Thermomix    


See 'Christmas 2008'    





NeighbourHood Watch presentation - 9 February 2009

Joy made a presentation to the Clifton Springs Bayside NeighbourHood Watch group entitled "My path to a healthier life". It featured the 2 products that have transformed her life; viz, the Cohen Nutrition (weight loss) Programme and the Thermomix. Joy outlined the main points of Cohen and the effect that the programme has had and is having on her life. Interspersed with the Cohen discussion, Joy used the Thermomix to make:  lemonade; semidried tomato and capsicum dip; beetroot salad; strawberry sorbet; lemon custard. She took along to the meeting other items that she had made in the Thermomix earlier in the day. The complete menu of items made in the Thermomix and served as supper to the group was:

  • Lemonade

  • Hommus with dukkah

  • Semidried tomato and capsicum dip

  • Crackers

  • Beetroot salad

  • Strawberry sorbet

  • Lemon custard (créme pâtisséré)

  • Buttermilk scones jam and cream with Apricot or Strawberry jam

  • Torta Caprese

The whole presentation took about 45 minutes. There were 24 people present. It was no surprise that the supper was enthusiastically received by all attendees.

Because a number of the items included in the menu for the presentation have featured already in the 'Christmas 2008' item reported above, photographs already exist for those items. The table below contains photographs only of the items that are different to the Christmas items. Page numbers again refer to the 2008 edition of TM31 'Every day cooking' cook book. Astute viewers will recognise the items that are part of a 'standard' demo.




TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book p.24


 See 'Christmas 2008'

 Hommus  See 'Christmas 2008'    

 Semidried tomato

 and capsicum dip

 See 'Christmas 2008'    

 Steam Oven Cooking

 with Tenina -

 September 2008

 Beetroot salad

TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book p.39

 Strawberry sorbet  See 'Christmas 2008'    
 Lemon custard

TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book p.155 - modified recipe used

 Apricot jam Joy's apricot jam recipe    
 Strawberry jam

TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book p.145

  see below for a photo that

  includes the finished jam



 scones, with

 Apricot jam


 Strawberry jam


 Jam and cream

TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book p.122

 Torta Caprese

TM31 'Every day

cooking' cook book p.142





Rehearsal dinner - wedding of Adam and Juliana - 23 October 2008

The dinner attended by 19 people was held at Juliana's mother, Barbara's home in Malvern on the Thursday evening, 2 days before the wedding which was on the 25th.

Joy prepared several dishes all using the Thermomix. They are listed below. The Thermomix was used on the night to make the dips, to 'freshen' the ice cream and to whip the cream for the pavlova, which like the other sweets had been made the previous day. Except for the lemon curd tarts, the dishes were standard recipes from the TM 31 'Everyday Cooking' cook book (2008 edition) and complemented the fare prepared by the in-house chef employed for the occasion. Thermomix assisted with creating a feast that everyone who was present will always remember.

  • Hommus and dukkah - p.49

  • Capsicum and semi-dried tomato dip - p.54

  • Basil pesto dip - p.54

  • Creamy traditional ice cream - p.150

  • Lemon curd tarts - combination of: almond pastry - p.120 and lemon butter - p.147. The modified recipe for lemon butter was used.

  • Pavlova - p.152 - whipping cream - p.9

  • Torta caprese (flourless almond cake) - p.142

Just for the record Joy also made the wedding cake using the Thermomix. The recipe is from The Women's Weekly in 1964 and is one of the recipes Joy has converted for the Thermomix.