Coffee made in the Thermomix    recipe by Janine Babauskis




Barrie's comment:

This recipe is another illustration of how the Thermomix assists in many ways each day. We were served coffee by Janine on our first visit to her. On that occasion 3 cups were required. At Christmas the Thermomix coped with Lattes and Cappuccinos for 9 people simultaneously. All coffees were served HOT.








        100g of coffee beans equivalent to 10 grams per serve

        Water – 150mls per serve (280ml coffee mug)

        Milk  - 100mls per serve




Heat the milk in the TM bowl at 70C speed 1. Once milk has reached the set temperature put it into a container to keep it hot (thermos is good). Rinse and dry the TM.

Grind coffee beans for 1 minute on speed 8. Store grounds in an airtight container.

Add 10 grams of ground coffee to the TM for each serve.

Add 150mls of water per serve and heat, 80C speed 1 (approximately 4 minutes for 4 serves). Allow coffee to stand 1 minute in the TM bowl.

While the coffee is standing in the TM bowl, pre-heat cups and a plunger pot with boiling water.

Pour coffee into plunger pot.

Rinse the TM and add previously heated milk, heat at 70C speed 1. Once milk has reached the set temperature, froth by increasing to speed 8 for 20 seconds. Milk is now ready for a flat white or Latte.

Pour 120mls of coffee into each cup and add milk to taste. Sprinkle topping if desired.

For long black pour a quantity of boiled water from the kettle into a cold cup and then top up with the coffee made in the TM. This will retain the beautiful coffee flavour.

For Cappuccino, refroth the milk with the MC out. This will aerate  milk further and produce the extra froth. The steaming basket may be placed on top to stop any splashing.



Adjust the strength according to taste by increasing/decreasing the amount of ground coffee per serve or add less/more milk. The coffee and milk are best heated at 80C and 70C respectively, to retain their true flavour. Coffee will be burnt or the milk scalded (which alters the flavour) if either of these are heated to higher temperatures than those recommended in the previous sentence.

A very quick method of producing a great tasting long black is to add 200mls of water to the TM Bowl and one serving of coffee, following the method above.


General Tips:

I have used all variations of milk and they all give different results regarding the froth. I use raw milk and get a great froth. I was told that the lower fat milk varieties produce more froth. I haven’t found this to be so. For health reasons I use full cream unhomogonised milk or raw milk. Experiment with the different types of milk yourself, starting with your preferred weekly purchase.