The world of Thermomix
We (Joy and Barrie) first saw a Thermomix demonstrated at a friend's house in July 2008. Before the demo we had decided that we did not need another machine in our kitchen. The demo by Lil Bowden changed all that and on the way home we decided that we just had to have one. Joy was attracted by the ability to prepare healthy foods and to prepare them easily and fast, while Barrie relished the prospect of having better tasting food for the rest of his life.

Some of Joy's personal Thermomix experiences including recipes that she has made using the Thermomix are presented on this web site.
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Barrie has written the material on this web site so when you see praise for Joy's efforts it is not her blowing her own trumpet.

The Managing Director of Thermomix in Australia is Grace Mazur. In the welcome to new Thermomix owners that she has written in the cookbook supplied with each TM31, Grace says (inter alia):

"...We'd like to welcome you to the world of faster easier and healthier cooking with Thermomix.... can enjoy preparing foods that your family has come to know and love, but in a fraction of the time and without mess or fuss... are sure to enjoy the 'additive free' taste of homemade produce...'s amazing having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen..."

The website of Thermomix in Australia is the authoritative source in Australia for information about the Thermomix and includes links to many cooking and food related sites/blogs some of which are international.

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