Apricot jam


This recipe has less sugar than many jam recipes.

The 'result' photo shows the jam on 2 scone halves. The left hand one has been buttered and the jam is on top. The right hand one has Créme Fraîche on top of the jam.

The combination of Thermomix buttermilk scones straight out of the oven, fresh Thermomix butter and Thermomix apricot jam was just superb.

People who do not have a Thermomix and of course who miss such magnificent taste sensations are deprived of one of life's greatest pleasures.


Joy created this recipe for the Thermomix






1kg apricots

700g sugar

1 lemon, peeled and quartered





Halve apricots, remove pits, break with a hammer and remove kernels.

Pour boiling water over kernels.

Place halved apricots and the lemon in TM, chop 10 seconds on speed 9.

Add sugar and mix again for 10 seconds on speed 9.

Add apricot kernels minus skin.

Heat 45–60 minutes at 100°C on Reverse speed 2 with the MC out and the rice cooker on top.

Test if set by placing a little on a cold saucer. If not set after 60 minutes, cook at Varoma temperature for 10 minutes at speed 2.

Pour into sterilised jars and seal. For an airtight seal turn jar upside down to cool