This web site is no longer updated. Joy has become involved in a different home based business that is not associated with food or cooking but is very much a profitable undertaking. Joy gets paid when people spend money on essential services. Click here to go to a web site that provides links to presentations of Joy's present activity. Perhaps you would like to join her?

On this web site, some of the fun times with Thermomix are described, photos and recipes are in abundance. Click here to go the page where you can select which set of recipes/photos you would like to view. Menu items 'Fun times' and 'Recipes' both link to pages that include lots of photos and details of great Thermomix recipes. Click here to go to the part of this web site that puts into context Joy's place in the Thermomix scheme of things.

We invite you to look at the different parts of our web site. Please leave a message if you wish. E-mail addresses are completely private.